Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip Down South

 Next to my birthday, there is another date I am looking forward to every year.
September 29.
Anniversary with my lovey-dovey <3

This won't be a cheesy post (coz we are not! :P ) but rather a tip to the best places to go to in Tagaytay and Batangas.

First stop, Memory Lane. There's much to love about this place that it became our only reason to drive to Tagaytay on boring days. It is a 50's inspired place, with mouth-watering food, a salon and a gift shop. Their facade is just classy and entertaining and would take you to a trip down memory lane.

Entrance to the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant.

Their food is really good and I must grade it an 8.5 out of 10. Serving is pretty huge as well and worth every peso you pay. 
Cheese sticks and Corned Beef Soup

Beef Salpicao

Sinigang na Lechon

For dessert, ,we ordered American Halo - Halo and Turon ala Mode.

I love the Sinigang na Lechon so much that I tried to imitate how they cook it but to no avail. Their food is really awesome and a must-try! :)

After we eat, our next stop is CaleruegaCaleruega's serene and nature-friendly ambiance will make all troubled souls come in peace. 
Entrance to the church.

Garden from the lobby to the church.


Our favorite spot of the garden.

Don and I once promised that we will spiritually refresh at the place once we are settled with school works and business. They offer retreat programs complete with accommodation and food. 

Caleruega is indeed a place where you could be closer to God and closer to nature.

Nature traveler,
Rizz :)

How To Survive A Long Plane Ride

Let's be honest, flying first class every single time would be out of limits and plainly unrealistic. I never find comfort in long plane rides thus I've come up with a list of things I do to survive it. I've been doing this since I was like 13. And yes, it helps you get through it. 

1. Eat a healthy, filling meal the night before your flight and eat something before you board as well. If you starve yourself before a flight, you will just feel much worse and cranky all throughout the flight. Meals provided by the plane is getting better but never fulfilling. Pack granola bars, roasted nuts, dried fruit and whole-grain crackers. These are great foods that will help you feel full and they won't be confiscated during security. Also, it is a tip saver as compared to buying overpriced on board food.

2. Stretch out and shake it, shake it! Get out of your seat once in a while and sometimes move your arms and legs when inside your seat. You may look silly but arriving to your destination without the muscle cramps is well worth it. You could check some in-flight exercises here. Go to the lavatory, splash some water on your face and you will find that you will feel much better. 

  • 3. Stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water on the plane. Good thing about it, it is for free! If it is not offered enough, ask the flight attendants to bring you more. The humid atmosphere inside the plane can make you feel so uncomfortable so hydrating with water, frequent face washes and moisturizing with some face and  body lotion  and moisturizing lip balm could help.
  • 4. Don't forget to pack a long book or stuff your iPod with movies or songs to keep you less agitated. Though most airline companies have improved their in-flight entertainment list, personal faves would be much better. To help you doze off, boring reads like newspaper would be most preferred. 
    5. Sleep is very important. Wear an eye mask, bring your own pillow and noise reduction headphones or ear plugs are the essentials if you want to be more comfortable when you sleep. The thin, scratchy pillows airlines supply are often insufficient. If you are prone to shivers, long socks is a must in your carry-on. Don't forget to make use of online tools like SeatGuru to guide you in selecting the best seats. 

  • Always arrive refreshed! :) Be sure to pack a small travel toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste so you can brush your teeth upon arrival (although some airline companies provide these). Small facial wipes can be used to refresh your face and other areas, while a swipe of deodorant can go a long way! Ladies, bring blotting sheets, lipstick and a powder concealer -- no one will ever know the lengths you've traveled if you spend a few minutes freshening up as needed. Men, feel free to pat on some lotion, as skin can get particularly dry during long flights.

  • Hope this helps! :)

  • Much love,
    Rizz :)

    Trip Up North - Bulacan, Philippines

    And then I thought I was going to regret this trip...

    I was dragged by my Mom all the way to Bulacan for a birthday party. Yes, just a birthday party...in Bulacan. It sounds so troublesome and tiring given that it is a weekend so traffic is a plus hassle in traveling in the Philippines. 

    Getting there, we got lost but I was fine with it since the view is rather peaceful and recharging. Plus getting lost means longer travel time and more bonding time for my brothers and I because we usually have this game that'll make you dizzy to the point you'll forfeit with the game.

    Finally, we reached the gates of the The Royal Northwoods Golf and Residential Estates. When we got to one of the clubhouses, we were on the wrong party place. Again, we got lost. We hopped back into the car and followed one of the wrong party's guest's instructions. 

    And so we reached El Mas fino. By the parking area, you wouldn't see how beautiful the place is because it is surrounded by high, thick bushes which I think serves as a privacy curtain. I was in real awe of the place. The place has a jaw-dropping picturesque, serene, heaven-like touch to it. It was beautiful.

    Let the pictures speak for the place.

    View coming from the lobby.

    The pool and raging river on my background.

    Nipa huts just across the pool area.
    Cozy lounge chairs.

    They've got picnic areas. 

    A playground.
    And a trampoline!

    It is a good place for everyone to have fun and relax! :)

    Let the pictures speak for the place.

    For a complete list of the things you could do while in El Mas Fino, you could visit their website at http://www.elmasfino.com.ph.

    It is a hidden treasure in Bulacan that is yet to be explored:) Can't wait for my next visit there!

    Summer Packing Travel List

    Who would have thought summer is almost to its end and rainy season is just around the corner. But it's never too late for those last minute summer outing plans with friends or classmates before school or work officially starts again! 

    I had my fair share of unpacked important things ( Like swim suit! yes, believe it or not, I forgot to pack my swim suit!!! ) or I lose some of my stuff that I only realize when I get home. Since then, I came up with my own  list of things I need to pack every summer outing I have. It guides me on the things I need  to pack, as I always tend to over-pack because of fear that I might run out of change of clothes or as a check list before I close my luggage. 

    I am sharing my list to every gal out there who share the same dilemma with me! Hope this helps! :)))

    Summer Packing List :)http://www.scribd.com/doc/95057165/Summer-Packing-List

    Last minute summer getaway lover,
    Rizz :)

    Sunday, May 27, 2012

    Just Women

    Given our age and financial incapability, most of our travels have been with our families. There are things we couldn’t do like walk into MORE stores (HAHAHA!) and go see some more places. Don’t get me wrong. It is pleasurable to travel with your father and brothers because they provide you with safety but more often than not, you hold back a little from doing more walking and exploring because they would complain about sore feet from walking and exhaustion. And the thing I hate the most…they call it a day earlier than usual.

    Travelling solo is an option for those who want to discover more of themselves as they discover the world but safety is an important factor as well when considering a trip. Travelling is more fun when you are with people whom you share your interest and excitement with and are more likely thinking the same as what you are thinking.

     As girls’ getaway travelling together gets more popular nowadays, I think doing a multi-generation women’s travel should be considered more. Mother – daughter travel is ordinary and frequent but how about grandmothers and granddaughters, aunts and nieces travelling together? I think it is important to travel with women of different age ranges because your perspectives in life are different so you learn from each other. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to travel with women who play such an important role in your life aside from your Mom?

    Hola Spain! :)

    Travelling in different places helps the older generation to see how competent and ready the younger ones are in the world and the younger generation would see that the elders do not always live by the rules, that sometimes for fun, they break them too!

    My Mediterranean cruise experience was just superb because I got to travel with my Mama and Aunt Minnette. The group we travelled with keeps on noticing how we catch each others’ back all throughout the trip. Role reversal is applicable in this kind of travelling and having to experience it is just priceless. Experiences like Aunt does the paying, Mama does the map reading while I do the price haggling with cabs or souvenir vendors. Also, conversations we had were also more intimate considering no men were around. Freedom to talk about fashion, shopping, food and oh God forbid, cute men without the men to tease us or regulate us is just endless and unimaginable!

    Shopping, shopping and more shopping!

    I think the different life experiences each one of us has been through is important because we enlighten and change perspectives of each other in a manner where we did it unconsciously because we were all out there in a place in this planet we were all unfamiliar with.

    Indeed, it is God's blessing to have this opportunity!
    Lady traveler,
    Rizz :)

    Saturday, May 26, 2012

    Ways to conquer Jet Lag

    Being a frequent traveler, I have suffered many times from jet lag and it can really drain your energy. I have tried ways on how I can get my body clock fixed again and I am happier to share them with you. Here are a few things you can try the next time you’re sleeping far away from home.

    1) Bring an eye mask
    Be chic and fashionable even as you sleep!

    When you’re traveling, airplanes or hotel rooms can never provide a dark environment for you. The light is what makes it hard for you to sleep. Always have an eye mask with you whenever you travel.
    2) Pull an all-nighter
    Not for a project or reviewing for your finals but for you to help your body adjust to the time zone. It is hard at first (trust me) but it will pay off. The day before your flight, act as if you have arrived to your destination. Synchronize your time with that of your destinations’ and work with that time. You’ll be surprised that by the time you get there, your body has already adjusted.

    3) Just be cool

    Feeling cool and fresh helps you get to sleep. There would be places you’d be visiting that you’ll find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night only to find out that you are sweating. Turn on your air conditioner. If it is not available, dampen a towel or the linens and lay it over yourself as you sleep. Yes, you’ll be wet but amazingly, you’d be able to sleep comfortably.

    4) Rise and Shine

    Wake up naturally by keeping the shades of your window open so by the time the sun rises, sunlight will fill in your room in the morning and wake you up happily.

    5) Listen to serene noise
    I have this White Noise app in my iPhone that comes in handy when I really find it hard to sleep. Just listen to it and it has a calming effect that would relax your state of mind and can put you to sleep. If this doesn't work, playing classical music works as well. 

    This is the app I personally use.

    Jet lag conqueror,
    Rizza :)

    Top 10 Budget Tips While Travelling

    The best way to get the vacation of your dreams is to know what you want out of that vacation. It is best to read up on the place’s history, things to do and where to go to. Once you have an idea of where you want to go and what specific things to do there, then you could probably have a rough estimate of how much you’ll need.
    Here are some tips on how you could stick to your budget.

     1. Buy food at supermarkets or from street vendors.
    When travelling, whether on a budget or not, it is not ideal to stop by expensive restaurants and try out their famous dish. Cooking for yourself is another fun experience because you’ve got new ingredients to try or new ways on how you’d prepare it. Street food is often a great way to taste the flavors of a new place. It’s a new experience. It is cheap. It is delicious.

    2. Get discounts.
    Always plan ahead. Check for your destination’s off-season time because more often than not, everything you’d be paying for would be cheaper and you could bargain for the price!

    3. Horse-drawn carriages.
    When travelling, being fabulous on how you’ll get from point A to point B is useless. Instead of hailing a cab or maybe booking a plane ticket to nearby places, always go for the alternative. Buses and trains are always available. Now is not a time to be like a President and have your own chauffer.

    4. Get out of your comfort zone.
    Checking in on a 5-star hotel is a big no, no! It will eat up your budget. Small motels or hotels are available everywhere. They may not have a queen size bed with silk linens but sure enough you could sleep and regain your energy in the beds they provide.

    5. Currency.
    Always consider the exchange rate when you travel. Always, always, always compare the exchange rate in banks and small shops. (even the 0.25 cents matter!)

    6. Shopping
    Shopping would never be out of the to-do list of women! Always keep your receipts for tax refunds and take advantage of Duty Free Shops. 

    7. Do not over-pack.
    As much as possible, limit your stuff into a carry on. Checking the weather forecast would aid you in packing only what you need. Remember that you always have the option to wash your clothes!

    8. Don’t buy souvenirs.
    Pictures are worth a thousand words. Take lots and lots of them!

    9. Age, Student and Membership Discounts.
    Always remember to take your ID and membership cards with you. Museums, theme parks and even some restaurants give discounts to students.

    10. Talk to the locals.
    Travelling does not only entail to entertain your eyes but also your heart. Travelling is the best avenue to make new friends. Be friendly and chat with them. They will tell you where to eat, where to go and what to do.

    Budget traveller,
    Rizz :)