Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ways to conquer Jet Lag

Being a frequent traveler, I have suffered many times from jet lag and it can really drain your energy. I have tried ways on how I can get my body clock fixed again and I am happier to share them with you. Here are a few things you can try the next time you’re sleeping far away from home.

1) Bring an eye mask
Be chic and fashionable even as you sleep!

When you’re traveling, airplanes or hotel rooms can never provide a dark environment for you. The light is what makes it hard for you to sleep. Always have an eye mask with you whenever you travel.
2) Pull an all-nighter
Not for a project or reviewing for your finals but for you to help your body adjust to the time zone. It is hard at first (trust me) but it will pay off. The day before your flight, act as if you have arrived to your destination. Synchronize your time with that of your destinations’ and work with that time. You’ll be surprised that by the time you get there, your body has already adjusted.

3) Just be cool

Feeling cool and fresh helps you get to sleep. There would be places you’d be visiting that you’ll find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night only to find out that you are sweating. Turn on your air conditioner. If it is not available, dampen a towel or the linens and lay it over yourself as you sleep. Yes, you’ll be wet but amazingly, you’d be able to sleep comfortably.

4) Rise and Shine

Wake up naturally by keeping the shades of your window open so by the time the sun rises, sunlight will fill in your room in the morning and wake you up happily.

5) Listen to serene noise
I have this White Noise app in my iPhone that comes in handy when I really find it hard to sleep. Just listen to it and it has a calming effect that would relax your state of mind and can put you to sleep. If this doesn't work, playing classical music works as well. 

This is the app I personally use.

Jet lag conqueror,
Rizza :)

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