Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip Up North - Bulacan, Philippines

And then I thought I was going to regret this trip...

I was dragged by my Mom all the way to Bulacan for a birthday party. Yes, just a birthday party...in Bulacan. It sounds so troublesome and tiring given that it is a weekend so traffic is a plus hassle in traveling in the Philippines. 

Getting there, we got lost but I was fine with it since the view is rather peaceful and recharging. Plus getting lost means longer travel time and more bonding time for my brothers and I because we usually have this game that'll make you dizzy to the point you'll forfeit with the game.

Finally, we reached the gates of the The Royal Northwoods Golf and Residential Estates. When we got to one of the clubhouses, we were on the wrong party place. Again, we got lost. We hopped back into the car and followed one of the wrong party's guest's instructions. 

And so we reached El Mas fino. By the parking area, you wouldn't see how beautiful the place is because it is surrounded by high, thick bushes which I think serves as a privacy curtain. I was in real awe of the place. The place has a jaw-dropping picturesque, serene, heaven-like touch to it. It was beautiful.

Let the pictures speak for the place.

View coming from the lobby.

The pool and raging river on my background.

Nipa huts just across the pool area.
Cozy lounge chairs.

They've got picnic areas. 

A playground.
And a trampoline!

It is a good place for everyone to have fun and relax! :)

Let the pictures speak for the place.

For a complete list of the things you could do while in El Mas Fino, you could visit their website at http://www.elmasfino.com.ph.

It is a hidden treasure in Bulacan that is yet to be explored:) Can't wait for my next visit there!


  1. ive been there,really really great place! great article!

    1. thank you randy! :) it's a super great place and just by lying down in the garden, it already is a relaxation! hope to see you there one time!

  2. beatiful place for family! :> -jayson

    1. yes it is indeed! :) i suggest you plan one of your vacations there!

  3. I hope you will write more beautiful and interesting blogs.Planning to go there with my family. :)